Monday, September 15, 2008

I suck.

I promised myself that I would update this on a regular basis because I think blogs are awesome. I read a lot of them so why can't I just make myself write one? I'm gonna attempted it once again.

So, I sold Maggie, the devil reincarnated dog that terrorized Jackson and the lowly mortals that live in this house. Needless to say I was exciting to find her another home.

And then.. 3 weeks later.. I brought home Pixie. A adorable little yorkie/bichon mix like Jackson that is a sweetheart. Jackson loooooves her. They play all the time and she is a great addition to the family. :)I'm currently taking 9 hours of Grad school classes, coaching volleyball, and working as a substitute about 4 days a week. My life is hectic and completely ridiculous right now.

Soon I will be making a post about my new obsession, the Twilight series. Yes, I have joined the million of fans that can't get enough of this series. Never thought I would but OMG! It is honestly one of the best series I have ever read. Love them.

Shower and laundry time. Ugh.