Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things About Me!

So this has been going around and I got tagged on Facebook. Decided to bring it on over to the blog.

1. You will never see me in a pair of heels unless I have to. (Like in a wedding.. or.. umm.. well, no where else)

2. I am a media junkie. I love movies, music, video games, my iPhone (which I’m constantly clicking around on), anything that flashes pretty colors.

3. I wore skirts only until I was 15 years old and I had hair down to my butt.

4. I love animals. I wanted to be a veterinarian up until I realized I would have to stick stuff up their butts.

5. I have a twin.

6. I procrastinate on EVERYTHING I do.

7. I’m lazy. If i would’ve given even 50% of an effort to undergrad I would’ve done so much better. I just didn’t care.

8. I’m almost finished w/my Master’s! (See, I grew up a little bit..)

9. I like to collect monkeys. I bought a $20 keychain one from Coach. Husband nearly crapped himself.

10. I wish I could live on the beach.

11. I want a baby so bad I can’t stand it but know there are more things we need to do before we have one. (Like build our house..)

12. I hate hate HATE roller coasters. Probably because I’m terrified of heights.

13. When I lived in Morgantown I would wake twin up in the middle of the night to kill spiders. She would get mad. I would cry until she killed it.

14. I wish I could win the lottery. Really. But I don’t play it.

15. The twin and I can talk to each other in our sleep. In a different language. It freaks people out.

16. I had 9 people in my graduating class. Including myself.

17. My dogs are like my babies. Any given night you will find them both on my lap sleeping while I watch tv.

18. I was scared to stay by myself all night until I got married… 2 years ago. I think if my house was bigger I would probably still be scared.

19. I love love love flip flops. I wear them until it is entirely too cold and put them back on when it hits 50 degrees.

20. I have only two girls that I would say are my best friends (besides my sisters). One I have been friends with for 10+ years. The other I have know about 3 years but love her the same.  Our husbands have been friends since they were old enough to get in trouble (which was about 4 or 5).

21. I married Husband after we dated for 9 months. He stalked me for five years before I finally agreed to go out with him.

22. I hate to do dishes. Hate. A lot.

23. I would love to start my own photography business. But there isn’t really a market for that around here.

24. I love my in laws. My mother in law is amazing. Absolutely love them.

25. I have the best family a girl could ask for. I couldn’t be more loved.