Monday, March 9, 2009

Last Train Home

So, I’m really bad at keeping resolutions. I’m doing horrible writing here, I’ve managed to work out one week before other stuff happened, and I can not get through my 4th book so it looks like 50 is gonna be kinda hard to reach. I have managed to keep up with the cooking thing. We’ve been eating at the house a lot more.

So the book I’m stuck on is The Stand by Stephen King. I’m doing it for the LOST book challenge. Its really good but so long and I don’t have the time I use to to read. Doing student teaching and working at the same time is killing me. I’ve gotta make time to study for my comps too since I failed it the first time I took them.

My sisters and I went to see David Cook in concert this past weekend. He was awesome. Loved him during American Idol but he was so much better live. He had a guy named Ryan Star opening up for him. He was awesome. I kept telling Ang that I knew I had heard the guy before and I was right! He was on Rockstar: Supernova a few years back. I think he’s gonna be big soon. I’ll post some pics from the concert when I get them from the twin.