Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation and Shiver/Linger

So, vacation got in the way and I did not update my picture posts. Boo! I have some saved on my phone that I took so I'll update those later. But while I was on vacation I read two books!

Shiver is about Sam, a werewolf that only shift when the weather is cold and then shift back during the warmer months, and Grace, a girl who has watched the wolves and loves one yellow eyed wolf in particular. I've seen Shiver at the bookstore but have passed it up every time for different reasons. All the girls on my online book club were so excited about Linger and it made me curious so I downloaded the audiobook for Shiver from the library. I think I would've enjoyed Shiver more if I would've read it instead of listening. When I picked the book up and read from were the audio left off I liked it a lot more. I really like Sam and Grace was a different female character than what I've seen in other YA books I've read. After I finished Shiver I went out and got Linger and must say I LOVED this story. I read it in a day whereas Shiver took me 3 days. I loved Cole's character and even liked that she added Isabel's voice to it. I would definitely recommend these books. The writer is a artist/musician and the way she writes is just beautiful.


Lola Sharp said...

I'm a big fan of Maggie's lyrical writing style. :)

Hi. *waves* Nice to meet you.