Tuesday, September 28, 2010

McFatty Monday on Tuesday

I sucked at posting this yesterday. My WW week doesn’t official end until Wednesday so I might change when I post this.

I’m doing pretty good with the Weight Watchers thing. I lost another two pounds as of yesterday but have until tomorrow for my WW week to end.

I haven’t been that great this week. We went 4wheeling this weekend and I ate a smore (oh no!) and a regular hot dog. And then we had Mexican on Sunday even though I limited my chips. I still have a lot of my extra points left but I’m trying not to use them in case I miss something/don’t calculate something right.

I NEED to get on my treadmill. I was doing so good! And then I had surgery and can’t seem to make myself get on. And it won’t be happening tonight because I’ve gotta fix something to eat then take a quiz for class. (Thank God I’m finished in December. Two Master’s degrees and I’m done ya’ll. So tired of school.)


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

But who can resist a s'more?!! They're one of my favre desserts to eat. Sometimes my husband will cook one up on the stove and bring it up to me while I'm working.