Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update and Mockingjay

So, I definitely did not stick with the 365 Project. I was doing good until vacation and never caught up. Oh well. I'll probably try it again in a few months. Right now work and Grad school has started back and I have no time.

I did however have time to read Mockingjay last week. I can't begin to explain how much I love these books. The characters are great and the concept behind them is not something I have read before. Collins did a great job of ending the series with this book. There were parts of it that was hard to read but overall I LOVED THIS BOOK. I'm doing a re-read of all of them now (well, listening to them) and love them just as much the second time.

One last thing before I go: Carol over at Carol in Print is giving away a bunch of ARC's and signed books. Go check them out. You have until September 6th.


Lola Sharp said...

I enjoyed this trilogy, too, though the first book (HG) was by far my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) What a treat to follow it back her to yours.